About Website Interactive, The Company

Chris Chandler, CEO, of Website Interactive Website Design CompanyWebsite Interactive is one of the top website design companies in the world. The genesis for the Alabama-based company started in 2001 by a young visionary named Chris Chandler. His mission was to bring websites to small businesses, corporations, individuals, churches, and other entities that needed a way to communicate through the newly emerging field of internet technology. The early days of the company involved door-to-door sales to local small businesses, but as word-of-mouth advertising began to spread, the company began to flourish.

Today, Website Interactive brings a wide variety of high-quality web-based services to our clients. From our original services of website design & hosting to some of our newest services such as the latest in search engine optimization, web 2.0 social networking, and web video syndication, we can do anything that can be done online. Our trained staff and cutting edge hosting lead to a high satisfaction rate for each and every client. With the demands of a high-paced global economy, trusting your website design company to be the very best is the most important factor to expanding your reach online.

Customer Service is #1 Priority

Customer service is the #1 factor as to why we have been so successful. Satisfied clients recognize the value in having a company who monitors and maintains websites 24/7/365. Maintaining an impeccable reputation for customer service is the number one goal of Website Interactive.

Each client has a unique set of requirements that they bring to the table, and we, at Website Interactive, are willing to do whatever it takes to make the vision successful online for the client. From start to finish, a plan for success online is carried out.

Relationships With Our Customers

We take great pride in developing relationships with our clients in a mutually beneficial partnership of trust by listening first and then providing answers. The entire staff at Website Interactive is dedicating to catering to the needs of our wide variety of clients. Our clientelle, for example, range from a 70-year-old evangelist selling gospel tracts online to a retail soap company to a chamber of commerce. We realize that not every client is well-versed in the lingo of “web-speak” and doesn’t always know how to make an idea happen online. That is why listening to the client first and asking questions later has proven to be the secret recipe to client satisfaction and retention.

We offer our clients web-based solutions and technical support without them having to hire their own full-time internet technology employee (s). We are a one-stop place to go for anything internet related. We have an unwavering commitment to excellence in every level of our company from sales to the IT department. Excellence in every phase of a project is our top goal as we strive to not only satisfy our clients, but to also go that extra mile to impress.Alabama website design company hand

In the future, Website Interactive will continue to deliver web-based products and services to our clients that exceed their expectations.

If you’re interested in a free initial 20 minute consultation and/or quote, please call our office at 256-88-NET-ME (256-886-3863) and ask for Chris Chandler.

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